Sunday, October 7, 2018 faucet site 2018 is showing website stats like as the bitcoin price, users, earning, site offers you to earn money in bitcoins currency which is digital cryptocurrency and which can be changed into USD from many banks around the world or can use to purchase many items online using Bitcoin wallet. offers a chance to win free bitcoins through a Hi-Lo game plus a weekly lottery while the site doesn’t trust deposits to be performed by new users, members can deposit Satoshi into their platform to generate interest on their deposits. Individuals who are looking to generate additional Satoshi and Bitcoin earnings are able to solve CAPTCHA in to accrue these earnings. I will take a neutral yet practical approach while laying out the facts for you to decide whether this platform is one that is worth your time or not. 
The domain of was registered in 2013 in the name of InterGlobal Limited as an owner and as per WHOIS data, the address of the owner is base on Belize City, in the platform, over 10 million registered players are quite an impressive feat. If you want to learn, how to earn free bitcoin, read further.

What Is
FreeBitco is free to join. There are selected kinds of games in this faucet. You will get earning when you play and win those games. You can win up to $200, two lotteries tickets and reward points in every hour free can also get a @50% referral commission, one lottery ticket each click by your direct referral. Since 2013, has developed their operation, have more than 10.5 million users, has bombarded out over 130,000 ins Bitcoin earnings and has sign-up more than 100 million visitors every month.

Top Review:-

  1. Claims: every hour-Claim
  2. amount: 25 Sat to 300 K Sat (up to $200)
  3. Doge dice (HI-LO game)
  4. Referral commission @ 50%
  5. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 30,000 Sat
  6. Transaction Times: From 15 Minutes to 6 hour
  7. Withdraw: Automatic/Slow/Instant
  8. Email Confirmation: Yes
  9. 2FA (an extra layer of security): yes
  10. Fees: depend on withdrawing option (520 to 2210 Sat)
How can you join

Very simple to join (click here), an email address box put your email, and in the password, boxes put your password. And reference box put my referral ID (9282832) and this solves the CAPTCHA then click on a sign-up button, go to your email box and verified it now your registration is done.

How can earn?

There is a four-way to earning, as below 


The first way is the free faucet. You can earn bitcoins Sat (indicated in the table) by filling the CAPTCHA and clicking the roll button. You can earn up to $200, two lotteries tickets and rewards point in every hour.

Multiply BTC game:-

The second way is playing Multiply BTC game. You have to select one, manual bet or auto. You can increase your money which you have earned from Free BTC in this way but not all time your money increase mostly you are losing money. In this way, you just a waste of your time & money to play this game. It is a complete gamble.

Weekly lottery:-
The third way is the weekly lottery system. You can earn the big prize every weekend by buying lottery tickets. is giving the two free ticket on every faucet roll up and if you want to purchase more tickets this option is also available. But I do not win in one year.

Referral commission:-

The fourth way is the referral commission. In this way to earn 50% on each click by your direct referral. You can get easily by advertising on a few websites.

Popularity is a popular Bitcoin faucet. The is ranked #2 in all Lottery faucets and is most popular in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India, and Venezuela. This site receives over 100 million visitors every month and has been growing day by day.


These methods as below
Auto: in this method when you have gotten 30,000 sat, will be processed every Sunday.
Slow: when you have +30,000 sat. It will take time up to 6 hours and will be deducted 520 Sat as the fee.
Instant: In this way to withdraw instantly, you must have 30,000 sat. It will be taking time 15 minutes & will be deducted 2210 sat as the fee.

Hope, you are enjoying my article regarding the I have recommended joining this faucet. You a genuine earning opportunity in the cryptocurrency with This Faucet is a trustworthy online platform used by millions of individuals looking to earn additional Sat and BTC. In this faucet, the payouts may not be that high.

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