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Top Highest Paying Best PTC Sites

Top Highest Paying Best PTC Sites
how to earn online with ptc sites upto 780 per month
Can you believe that I've only earned more than $ 80,000 per year from PTC sites (Pay to Click Sites). There are dozens of best PTCs to be paid for reading ads and completing simple tasks. But I'll only tell you the top and highest paying PTC sites available to global users. You can easily earn $ 200 to $ 500 a month by clicking and reading ads or performing short and simple tasks. On these PTC sites, you only have to work 30 minutes a day.  We take one example how much earn online free?

Simple Calculation
Your click claiming rate: 5 ads x $.01 = $ 0.05/day
Your referral click claiming rate: 50 X 4 ads X $.005 = $1.25/day
Your total claiming per day for one PTC site = $ 1.30
Your monthly Claiming per PTC site = 30 x $ 1.30 = $39.00
If you are joining only 20 best paying PTC sites, you will be Claiming: 20 x 39 = $780/month.

Sr # Best PTC sites Ads / day Claim/ Ads $ Ref. Claim/Ads$ Ref Limit More Earning Cash Out Payment Via Pay. Time Rating Joining
1 NeuBox HoT 13 0.01 0.01 Unltd G, T, S, V $2 SK, NET 0 10 Free
2 Clix Sense HoT 8 0.01 0.01 Unltd G, T, S, V $8 PP, ArTM 0 10 Free
3 Scarlet Clicks  15 0.01 0.01 Unltd G, T, S $2 PP, SK, PM 0 9 Free
4 Gptplane 15 0.02 0.02 Unltd G, T, S $1 PP,SK, BTC 0 9 Free
5 Paidverts 15 0.04 0.04 Unltd G, T, S $3 PZ, PA, BTC* 2 10 Free
6 Difbux 15 0.02 0.02 Unltd G, T, S $10 PA,PM, BTC 2-7 9 Free
6 Difbtc 15 20S 20S Unltd G, T, S 0.4mB PA, PM, BTC* 2-7 9 Free
7 Clixblue HoT 50 0.02 0.02 Unltd G, T, S, V $5 PP,SK,BTC, * 1 9 Free
8 Cliquesteria 13 0.02 0.02 Unltd G, T, S,  $5 PA,PZ,BTC,* 0 8 Free
8 Ggpthub 20 0.04 0.02 Unltd G,T, S, $1 SK,PA,BTC,*  0 9 Free
8Uuniclique 20 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S,  $1 PA,PZ,BTC,* 0 9 Free
9 Cliquebook 8 0.02 0.02 Unltd G,T, S, $3 SK,PA,BTC,*  0 8 Free
10 Adzbazar HoT 50 0.03 0.002 Unltd G, T, S $5 PM,PA,BTC* 0 10 Free
11 Optimalbux 30 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S $5 PA, PZ, BTC 7 10 Free
12 Aticlix 13 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S, $2 PA,PM,BTC* 2-7 8 Free
13 Aticlixer 20 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S $5 PM,PA,BTC* 2-7 8 Free
14 Atiads 20 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S, $2 PA,PM,BTC* 2-7 8 Free
15 AtiBux 20 0.04 0.02 Unltd G, T, S $2 PA, PZ, BTC* 2-7 8 Free
16 Family BTC 150 10S 10S Unltd G, T, S, 0.2mB BTC* 2 7 Free
17 ClixCoin 75 500S 100S Unltd
0.1mB BTC* 2 8 Free
18 110 500S 50S Unltd
0.1mB BTC* 2 8 Free
19 CoinPot 180 80S 80S Unltd G, T, S 0.2mB FB, BTC* 2 10 Free
20 DollorClix HoT - 5 0.25 Unltd G, T, S,V* $2 PP,PA, BTC 0 10 Free
21 get-paid - HoT - 4 1.2 Unltd G, T, S,V* $2 PP,PA, BTC 2 10 Free
22 OfferNation hot - 5 0.25 Unltd G, T, S,V* $1 PP,SK, BTC 2 10 Free
{Earning Information, there are different ways to earning such as  Ads= View free ads daily, G= playing game, T= Complete the task, S= Take Surveyor or Offerwall, V= Watch the Video *= more different way available for earning
Payment Via, there are also available for the different method of payment such PP= Paypal, PZ= Payza, PA= Payeer, NET=  Neteller, SK= Skrill, BTC= Bitcoin or digital currency, *= more cash-out option available, PT-= Payout timing. 0= instant payment & 1-7=Within 1-7 Days)
Rating (Payment System) Low=0-2, Below Average= 3-4, Average= 5, Above Average=  6-8, High= 9-10}, if rating in red color , cash-out when you achieve minimum amount.}

What is PTC?

PTC means- Pay to Click, PTC sites are advertising companies paying cash to view online advertising. It is undoubtedly the best, easiest and easiest way to earn money online without investment from home �a successful business model that is so popular all over the world. No investment or expertise required�no age limits at all.

What are the benefits of joining PTC sites?

These are the key features and advantages of this business: 
  • User- friendly 
  • Free registration 
  • Worldwide accepted 
  • Home- based job 
  • Your own time work 
  • No technical skills required 
  • No investment required 
  • No learning curve 
  • Multiple income opportunities 
  • Unlimited earning 
  • Payment on Time
How do PTC sites work?

PTC sites act as an intermediary between members and advertisers. Online web marketers or advertisers need a blog or website traffic to promote their products or services. They, therefore, need traffic from these paid sites to click on sites that already have many registered users from all over the world ready to see cash advertisements. 

PTC programs allow you to gain from surveys and Crowd Flower tasks (based on questions and answers) and pay rates to vary. Well, the more you exercise, the better you score. In addition to your own activities, you will receive a percentage of the sales activities of your referrals (advertising commissions or account upgrades), clicking advertisements, conducting surveys, completing offers (as discussed above), taking on Crowd Flower tasks, participating in contests and so on.

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How to register and earn money?
Remember, Online Home Income only recommends a few PTC sites, since we always test them before we publish a site. So no worries and you're definitely being paid. To register, you must fill in a registration form on each PTC website and confirm your email address. Once you have successfully registered, you can log into your account dashboard, where you can view all available ads and take part in surveys, offers and tasks if you want. 

Your earnings will be credited to your account immediately after viewing the ad for a certain period of time, such as 5 sec to 30 sec and payment, and the number of advertisements available for viewing varies every day. Do NOT use Ad-block or you will not be able to see an ad in your web browser. Check the settings or extensions of your browser. If you find Ad-block, deactivate and delete your browser and restart. 

We suggest that you install Ad Alert and Add-on in the latest version of your browser (Firefox or Chrome) as they will keep you informed of more ads, surveys and Crowd Flower tasks available. You can spend additional time on these sites according to your comfort. When you're away, you can (temporarily) assign this job to any family member or trusted friend because it will continue to increase your income and you can even win free membership or receive a cash prize of up to $ 50 for your business.

Click on all ads turn by turn and remember to keep the page focused until the timer/bar ends and you are paid for.

How and when will I get paid?

The sites we mentioned are based in Europe and North America and pay via the reliable PayPal and Payza e-commerce payment system. It is impossible to send payments from bank to bank in online business because the common trend is to pay conveniently via a digital payment system. Guess what, if electronic cash-outs are not made by companies, how can their online business survive? 

Logic, therefore, dictates the significance of the electronic payment system. You can easily send, receive and withdraw your money at any time by means of online payment service providers. PTC sites pay via PayPal and Payza, so you have to register both of these payment processors with your account. You can transfer it to your local bank account when you have the amount in your PayPal / Payza account.

What is the min payout?

The min payment threshold for each site is different from $ 2.00 to $ 10.00�You can request a withdrawal to PayPal or Payza when you receive a min cash-out. Some sites instantly transfer cash to the requested payment mode while some pay within a week or between two and five working days. Don't panic and wait for the payment to appear in your digital wallet patiently. 

What are the requirements for joining?

Every online business or PTC sites need a setup to function. PTC sites also have certain requirements: 

A personal computer or laptop with internet connection.
A Gmail account( recommended) 
A bank account 
An online payment processor account( PayPal and Payza)

What are the terms of becoming a member?

Like any recognized business/company on the Internet, PTC sites have their terms and conditions in place and any of them will be suspended and banned from the site.

Upon joining these sites make sure you follow all rules and regulations particularly these ones:

-Just create one account per computer and IP (Duplicate / multiple accounts will be deleted)
-Only direct internet connection (No proxy, VPN, VPS, or shared connection allowed)

How to increase your income from PTC sites?

The PTC business is one of the best ways to produce tons of cash at home each month. Your account is eligible for cash once it is registered. PTC sites pay $ 0.001 to $ 0.01 per advertisement which is too low if you rely on ads only and do not have a downline under you or you do not participate in other income streams available. When they say " no pain, no gain, " think of it, how can you do nothing at all for free? You must do some work, of course, to earn. 

Here's how many PTC sites you can make. 

i.) Log in without fail every day and view all available ads. 

ii.) Staying active every day keeps your account safe and generates more revenue. 

iii.) Check for more ads at least twice the same day. 

iv.) At least one hour or more of this simple job is allocated every day. 

v.) Do as many enquirers and tasks as you can. Easy offers completely.

vi) Install Ad Alert and Add-on (as described above) in your browser. 

vii) Upgrade to make more of your membership. Before upgrading, it is recommended that you have at least 100 active referrals.

Affiliate Program

References are the people who register using your affiliate link and you receive a share of their business. They are also referred to as affiliates. The larger the number of referrals, the higher your revenue.

There are two kinds of referrals

1-Rented referrals
2-Direct referrals

1-Rented referrals
Rented referrals may be rented for a small fee of 30 days. You will then have to pay to extend/renew your period depending on the number of days you want to keep with you. We do not recommend that you rent referrals because you have to keep paying for their extension before you see a nice return on your investment�it is also very difficult to keep them. We vote for direct referrals on the other hand. 

2-Direct referrals
Direct references as described above are real people like us who register via our referral link. Each member has a unique partnership link. They are redirected to the site when you forward it and somebody opens it. After you sign up, this person will forever become your direct reference. You can register unlimited partners. Every time they see ads, they not only get credited, but you also get earnings. It's not just ending here.

Not only will you be paid for sponsoring others, but you will also receive an additional cash bonus whenever your direct referrals purchase advertising or upgrade your membership or complete simple tasks, free offers from different offer walls and surveys from many different companies. Your earning potential is endless with unlimited referrals. Please be paid over and over again

NeoBux is a free, multi-language, worldwide service available. Their service consists in enabling advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisements on their website and by viewing those advertisements, to earn money. Their users click on the advertisement of the advertiser and view it for the specified period of time. After viewing the advertisement, the user is credited to his NeoBux account with a predetermined. You don't need to pay us something to earn. So, register now and get free money!

Cash Out
The minimum amount paid for the first cash out is $ 2.00. This amount increases by $ 1.00 for each cash-out until a fixed minimum of $ 10.00 is reached. 

ClixSense has been online under Jim Grago 's ownership since Feb 2007. It began as a PTC site but has recently been removed to click ads to continue the business model with surveys, offers, CrowdFlower tasks, and affiliate systems only. This program has been tested for time and continues to pay without problems. You don't need to be paid for with ClixSense.
Register for free and you can make money with ClixSense by doing surveys (based on Q&A), easy offers (such as trying new products and services, downloading apps or joining free programs) and tasks with CrowdFlower. You can earn $ 0.75 to $ 5 or more by completing the survey. Task pay rates vary from $ 0.03 to $ 0.07 per task. Min cash out is $ 10.00

Payment via
  • Payza 
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer

Paidverts is not as old as ClixSense or Neobux, but the trust of one of the highly paid PTC sites is quickly gaining. Many people earn a great income by working on Paidverts regularly. Paidvert 's concept is very different from other PTC sites. When you join Paidverts, you must click 16 Bonus Ads (BAP) or Activation Points every day until you click 100 BAP Ads in total. You will only begin to receive paid ads after you click on 100 BAP ads.
How much BAP you accumulate depends on the value of the paid ads. Therefore get as much BAP as possible and earn real money! 
Payment methods: 
  • Paypal( for all the world) 
  • OK( for the United States only)
  • Payeer( for the United States, the United Kingdom, India only) 
  • Bitcoin( for all the world)
  • NetellerGo( for all the world
ATI Group
ATI Gropu is the highest paying best PTC sites in 2018. You an earning the money by view different advertisements, complete the task and survey Signup and  Log in to your account and look at the earnings page where you can access a variety of ways to earn easy money. 

Payment methods: 
  • Paypal( for all the world) 
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin( for all the world)
  • NetellerGo( for all the world is a Pay to Click website, Pay-to-Read, Pay-to-Signup and Pay-to-Read emails. You earn money by viewing websites, playing games and signing up for other websites similar to There are many ways to earn money on and you'll see the different ways a little bit more explained below. Log in to your account and look at the earnings page where you can access a variety of ways to earn easy money. 
Payment methods: 
  • Paypal( for all the world) 
Hope you have some legitimate websites to make money and work online. These websites won't, however, pay you a lot of money. If you really have free time and want to earn a little pocket money fast, these options are the right one. Although personally, I would not advise you to waste time on these sites. If you really want a successful online business/company to start. If you really want a successful online business/company to start. You can read my next post about how to build a blog and earn money. Yeah, fellas... Blogging is the most successful online market business. You just have to be patient.
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