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Clixsense Review - Is it legit or scam?

Clixsense Review:- Is it legit or scam?
Clixsense Review:- Is it legit or scam?
ClixSense is one of the most recommended online money-making PTC, task and surveys sites. If you have ever looked for ways to make money online through PTC world. You have definitely found a recommendation from ClixSense But many people recommend it. This doesn't mean that it's legitimate. What exactly is the ClixSense fuss? In this review, we'll discuss ClixSense in detail, and you can decide whether it's right for you. 

Owner: Jim Grago
Membership: Standard/Premium
Cost to Upgrade: $17 annual Premium
Rating: 90/100

A Brief Introduction
Launched in February 2007 and owned by Mr Steven Grisky, later sold to Mr. Jim Grago, Clixsense has improved significantly even today. Since it was introduced as a legitimate solution to make extra cash online, Clixsense has been an internet sensation.

Is it free to join?
Yes- ClixSense is free to join but also provides a premium plan to raise your pay rate and depend on you that continue to use the free version or premium. However, you are not required to update it to premium. Click here to join Free 

Is it a legit or scam company?
Yes- it is a legit company. ClixSense is one of the oldest web-based PTC sites. Clixsense has been paid to Members Since February 2007. Simply put, No: ClixSense is not a scam. How to make money from Clixsense Register on Clixsense, log in, and see ads and do a task or surveys to earn extra money.

How will you get paid?
Clixsense is paid through wire transfer, Paytoo, Payza, PayPal, and Neteller can be selected from one of the e-account.

How to get Money from Clixsense PTC?
There are several ways to make money in ClixSense. In order to make large revenue for ClixSense, I will explain each of the methods to you. In the first 6 months your earnings will be slow and then you are able to earn higher revenues.

1-Click PTC ads:-
This is the easiest and simple way to make money online, click on the ad and you are paid off, isn't it easy? View that the advertising programs are most popular in all PTC sites because not required for any technical expertise to do this but only need a matter of minutes in order to do this.

2-Clix Grid:
The difference is that if you date back to the ad if you win, it will be paid you up to $10 depending on luck and Clix Grid doesn't guarantee that you will be paid for each ad box you can find. The chance of average per day is 30 times that the announce clicks. How much Clix Gridworks, not a lot of Clix Grid fruits, you can only date back to an ad in 10 seconds. There are no patterns or techniques for winning you 10 $, only luck. And all the rest is possible for all of the members, so Clix Grid's good luck.

You will be doing a lot of time discussing your experience or success with Clixsense here, but otherwise, there have been no clicks or surveys on ads or surveys to add to your clixsense income.

4-Clix Offers:
In Clix Offers you have to complete some task with special instructions, but in Clix Offers the task is more varied. After finishing the screenshot, you must confirm and then check by click. Payment is not immediate because the average amount generated from the job varies between $0.02 and $0.1 and must wait for the approval of the process. Not bad to add to your Clixsense earnings, as this is not always the case. 

Some of the Toluna survey panel, such as Your Surveys, Opinion World, is partnering with the clixsence programme. This is a program, which desperately needs to be fair in answering so that you won't get anything if the answers in the survey before you are the same with the next question.
This survey program was the dominant revenue for me because I had the revenue to boost the coffers of my internet dollars quickly.

6-Affiliate program:
This is another great way to make money. The affiliate program provided by ClixSense gives you unlimited revenue. Each person you mention in ClixSense will receive life-long income. The income you earn in ClixSense will be 3 different types of income. For each referral, $2 bonus up to $0.3 instant income when every referral earns $5. You earn 30 percent commission for each approved survey, offer, and task.
If you have 20 people referred and you receive $50 per month for each reference from surveys, offers, and tasks, then you will receive a monthly payout of $50x (30/100)= $15 per month 20 X 15 = $300. In the "Account Details" section, you can find your affiliate link in Red Color.

Tips for Clixsense Earning?
Here are some tips you can use to increase your ClixSense revenue. 
  1. Login twice daily to your ClixSense account and check for surveys, offers, and tasks available.
  2. Refer to at least 1 person a day and explain the different methods of earning in ClixSense.
  3. To be notified instantly whenever there are surveys, offers or tasks available, download ClixAddon for your browser. 
What Are Others Saying About It?
There are plenty of mixed reviews when you are looking for " review," but it should be noted that most positive reviews come from people who appear satisfied with the hourly work that they receive. Briefly, these people are probably not the best people you can talk to if you really want to make money online seriously.

Final verdict:
Clixsense is not a scam, but they are almost damned with their ultra-low levels. It's slave labor wages. Your time and effort are much more valuable than cents. If you are looking for a better way to make money from the Best PTC sites & wealthy affiliate, check out and check out here.

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