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Optimalbux Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Optimalbux dash broad front pageThe latest PTC website for the PTC industry is Optimalbux. Let Optimalbux review this new PTC Sites, exciting PTC advertising and revenue sharing website, same admin of Scarletclicks and GPT planet.
Hello, I'm Tahir Bajwa Pakistani's internet marketer. I have been working with special interest in PTC and blogging on the Internet. Today, I will review in detail the latest PTC the Optimalbux advertising and revenue share PTC website. Is it a scam or legit?

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Product Name: Optimalbux
Website Address:
Price:- Free + Upgrade
Owner: Dimitrios Kornelatos same admin of trusted PTC sites Scarletclicks and GPT plane
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Who are the owners of Optimalbux ?
Optimalbux was initiated by the owners of Scarletclicks and GPT plane, Dimitrios Kornelatos from Greece. This image shows the announcement on the Scarletclicks website of Optimalbux's launch by the owners.
Optimalbux is sister site of scarletclicks and gpt planet.
We are therefore aware that the Optimalbux owner is trustworthy and reliable. By paying his customers on Scarletclicks and GPT planet, Dimitrios proved his honesty and credibility. The other thing I like about Dimitrios and Scarletclicks/GPT Planet co-owners is that they allow you on their forums to express your frustration and anger. It is so coolly different than some of the owners, such as Neobux and Clixsense, of well known PTC websites. In fact Neobux banned 3 months from their forum page to say that after paypal had stopped interacting with neobux my leased click references have decreased!!!! But you will see that the owners don't mind allowing people to express their personal opinions even if they're not positive about them. I think that's so crude. It's something Dimitrios and his colleagues I really appreciate. I'm sure that the Optimalbux administration is a trustworthy person, so this will not be scammed.

What is Optimalbux about?
Optimalbux is a website to share income with PTC advertising. The income sharing model allows you to invest money and quickly grow your business. This means it's not just a PTC website. Traffic Monsoon was also a revenue-sharing model, the previously popular website which took the advertising industry by storm. Over the next year, I'm certain Optimalbux will be a big hit! The big difference between Traffic Monsoon and Optimalbux is of course the manager. Already before starting Traffic Monsoon, Charles Scoville owner of Traffic Monsoon was the serial scammer who tricks and plundered his customers. Therefore, his last project ended as a scam. It was no surprise. Dimitrios, on the other hand, has established itself over the past 10 years as a trusted owner. In January 2018 Optimalbux was started. Because of her trustworthiness, she has already seen many new members join.

Sign up now
OptimalBux is a completely free-of-charge service, so it takes only 2 minutes to complete all registration steps, and the registration is also free. If you also want to make money via OptimalBux online, then you can click on the "Visit the Project" to be re-directed to the official OptimalBux website.

What are the various way to earn on Optimalbux?
You can find several ways to earn a money from Optimalbux. Including ;
  1. View advertisements
  2. Paid to signup offers
  3. Adpacks
  4. Optimal grid.
  5. Affiliate Income from referrals- direct and rented referrals.
View advertisements:
Similar to any PTC website, Optimalbux provides you with a variety of paid ads for clicking and earning money. The number of ads depending on the type of membership is again determined. There are around 26 standard members ' ads per day, 12 of which are $0.001 fixed ads. 
Upgraded members is greater than the value of Scarletclicks and GPT Planet, including premium ads each worth $0.01. So your ad income as a standard member is only $0.02 per day.

Paid to sign up offers :
You can earn approximately $ 0.05 per registration at different websites, which offer you the money needed to register.

This is the spellbinding element of the Optimalbux income sharing process. You cost $10 each pack. So, what's every adpack you get? Each package is worth $10,000 and offers you the following 
  • 100 PTC 
  • 1000 Banner 
  • Credits 120 percent investment return, i.e. $12.00. 
  • Daily revenues are 0.5-1 percent (i.e. $0.06-0.12 per day) 
Total revenue generated amounts to 120 percent of your investment, i.e. $12.

Optimal grid:
The grid is unique as well. Every click is paid and you're always getting a bonus (advertisement) on the 10th click! You get only 20 clicks every day as a standard member.

Affiliate income:
Optimalbux offers incredible affiliate revenues of up to 100 %. This includes both direct and rented income. Direct referrals vary from 50% (standard members) to 100% (all upgraded members), depending on the type of membership. The revenues derived from renting referrals range from $0.0005 per click for standard members to $0.001 per click for all upgraded members. The small difference is that the number of direct referrals is limited. Standard members may have a maximum of 100 Direct referrals, whereas Diamond members may have an unlimited Direct referrals.

Optimalbux pros
  • ScarletClicks and GPTplanet Admin are backed up to the site. 
  • Members from all countries are welcome to join for free. No restrictions on membership. 
  • The site features an open and active forum, which always shows credibility for all PTC sites.
  •  Rented referrals are profitable. Optimalbux is one of the few PTC websites you can buy money from your rental. 
Optimalbux cons
  • earnings will be very slow without referrals. 
  • offers–This is common for all PTC sites as offerers are aimed at specific countries. 
  • You must click on 4 ads to receive your referrals commession the day following. Obviously, by buying vacation days you can override that. 
  • Most advertising is admin-sponsored. If the site does not generate enough sales to pay for those ads, this can lead to Cash Flow problems. 
  • Direct references limit–The number of members you can refer to is restricted. 
When your account balance is $ 5 or more, you can request payment. You will withdrawal by Payeer, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payoneer, Neteller, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) and AirTM, within a 2 - 7 day period. You will receive your payment.

Final verdict:
I believe Optimalbux will soon be the most popular and popular PTC website. Optimalbux has overcome one of the biggest impediments on its Web sites–the low return on investments–by adding a revenue sharing component to its PTC model. Sharing income enables you to quickly expand your account. The more investment you invest, the more profitable you are. I therefore recommend Optimalbux to all internet marketers, particularly if you want to see your company grow faster than any PTC site.

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