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You can earn free Bitcoins daily with out any Investment
TOPPTC63 is a list of the top paying & trusted free Bitcoin faucets to claim with confirmed payouts. You will have to create an account with CoinPot and FaucetHub which are what’s known as micro-wallet. Where all your coins are stored the reason they are able to give Bitcoin away is they produce large advertising/marketing sales as the whole world wants free money right so this is your chance to grab a slice of the pie. with help of below table, you can make 3000$ per month

Sr Faucet Coin Timer Claim/Hrs Ref Payment Claim
1 Moon BTC BTC 5 20-100 50%* CoinPot Claim
2 Moon LiteCoin LTE 5 300 25%* CoinPot Claim
3 Moon Cash Cash 5 60-80 25%* CoinPot Claim
4 Moon Dash DASH 5 300 25%* CoinPot Claim
5 Moon Doge DOGE 5 0.50-1.80 25%* CoinPot Claim
6 BitFun BTC 3 40-100 50% CoinPot Claim
7 Bonus BitCoin BTC 15 18-5000 50%* CoinPot Claim
8 DOGE 60 0.15-52352 50% Direct Claim
9 BTC 60 18-300k 50%** Direct Claim
10 Cointiply Doge 60 20-100,000C 25% Direct Claim
11 Faucetcrypto Multi 10 200-300 20% FacetHub Claim
12 BTC 5 120 20% FacetHub Claim
13 Firefaucet Multi 1 Auto 20% FacetHub Claim
14 BTC 10 100-120 30%** FacetHub Claim
15 BTC 60 240-500 50% Direct Claim
16 Coinbulb BTC 60 300-500 100% Direct Claim
17 Btcclicks BTC 60 150-500 100% Direct Claim
18 Difbtc BTC 60 600-1000 100% Direct Claim
19 Mellowads BTC 1-D 500-3000 50% Direct*^* Claim
-Timer in minutes
-Updated every 14 days last update 29/11/2018
1-You need each coin wallet address for linking with FaucetHub and payout to your local bank account. You also register with coin-payment or coin-base online wallet, coin-payment have deducted only 0.50% exchange fee.
2- You can also claim free bonus (%*) 1000% to 500%  daily and (%**) free tickets on every click for 1.50 to 2.19 BTC
3- If you spend only 5-10 minutes after every three-four hours, you will get money $3000 per month within three months.
4-We are adding in every package best free network advertising website to relative to package sites.  You can register with advertising website & advertising only use option under-pop with your faucet direct referral link. I am using this strategy and get better result compared to other options such as banner advertising. 
5-Claim Free Satoshi and Advertise on *^* these websites, Get Referral for HYIP Websites.

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