Top Pay Bitcoin Faucets 2018CoinPot (Earn up to $2 Million per year) is a kind of cryptocurrency micro-wallet, the main function to collect earning cryptocurrency from a number of different Faucets – such as Moon Bitcoin, Moon Dash, and Bit Fun and payout to directly into your wallet address free. 
Withdrawal options include XAPO, Faucet Hub, and Faucet System and direct to your wallet via the blockchain. 
(NOTE: Each of these options has different withdrawal thresholds and some may suffer a withdrawal fee)

1) Increased security – optional 2FA
2) Instant conversion between your coins (Free)
Tip: all convert your coin into dogecoin (it free within CionPot). and easily cash out in your wallet within 24 hours.

Detail of Earning
CoinPot Microwallet is linking with seven faucets (bonus-bitcoin, bit-fun, moon bitcoin, moon bitcoin cash, moon lite-coin, moon dash-coin, moon dogecoin,) and earn free 3 token your clicks on coinpot faucets and 1 token per referral click.

      TOP PAYING COINPOT FAUCETS                             CLAIM    PAYOT   REF     OTHER
     & CPU MINING (BTC, DOGE, LTC)                             EVERY    (HRS)       %       BONES

moon bitcoin5 Min      60-80    50%     500%

 Bonus Bitcoin

15 Min  80-5000    50%     0%

3 Min      30-250   50%     0%

5 Min      45-350   25%     300%
Moon LiteCoin

5 Min      4050     25%     300%

Moon Dash
5 Min      2010     25%     300%

Moon Doge
5 Min      0.5-1.5    20%    300%

How to Work
Step # 1: 
Sign up for a Coinpot MicroWallet here ( 
Step # 2
Start working with Moon Bitcoin & others Moon Faucets, you must first sign up on CoinPot, and then the email address you use in CoinPot must be used on all other sites.
Step # 3
You sign up for Bonus Bitcoin, an account will automatically open on your CoinPot site where your username and password will be the same as the Bonus Bitcoin username and password.
Step # 4: 
All Faucets will send your Satoshis/earnings directly into CoinPot. 
Step # 5: 
You can convert all in dogecoin and easily cash out ever days or week.
Step # 6: 
Don’t make the direct referral with your linked email to other your email (i.e if having your two Gmail account, not linked with each other) 

I hope that you enjoyed this article and decided to take advantage of some of my strategies! My top cryptocurrency’s earning is coming from CoinPot.  I have given only 5 minutes to all above faucets after every 30-40 minutes (one hour daily). And cash out $5000 – 6000 Dollars per month in 2018. It can and will work for you too! You can collect other bitcoin faucets and increase profits quicker than me. I would be ready to see your sweet results.

Let us know what you think, 
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